Travel to Cambodia: All tips, information and costs

You are intending a journey with your knapsack through Cambodia? Excellent idea! Listed below you will locate beneficial and helpful info concerning planning, visa, resorts, flights, vaccinations, traveling time, protection, costs and budget.

Cambodia is recognized world-wide because of the one-of-a-kind temples surrounding Angkor Wat. A browse through to the facility gets on the order of business of lots of world travelers. But also for years, an increasing number of backpackers have transferred to other parts of the country. Just what is there to see, and what you must think about in the planning of this guide.

Cambodia is centrally located in Southeast Asia as well as borders Thailand, Laos as well as Vietnam. A journey to these countries can be incorporated with each other. You will certainly locate even more details in my pointers on backpacking in Thailand, backpacking in Laos and also backpacking in Vietnam. Or check out my overview of backpacking in Southeast Asia.

Your very first representations on the Cambodia journey

Is Cambodia the right destination?

This concern can be addressed by “Yes” alone due to the fact that the holy places of Angkor come from the areas you should have seen in your life at least when.

The nation has a lot even more to provide, such as thick jungles, hiking and also trekking paths, hilly regions with falls as well as caves, the funding of Phnom Penh, Asia’s largest freshwater lake as well as – despite fairly couple of shorelines – some gorgeous beaches. But also the landscape as well as the small cities with their colonial embossing make the special charm of Cambodia. Additionally I have the people there during my previous trips always very broad-minded as well as friendly.

Verdict: A gorgeous nation in which it can be loosened up.
When should I travel? (Climate and best traveling time Cambodia).

In Cambodia, a tropical environment awaits you. It is often cozy and the temperature levels fluctuate only a little in the course of the year. It is only slightly chillier in the evening in the mountain areas in the north.
The most effective time to take a trip is the “amazing” dry period from November to February. Temperature levels range from 25 to 30 degrees. In these months, mostly around Christmas as well as New Year, most travelers come. The trips are after that extra expensive, as well as it is suggested in some places to book the resorts ahead of time.
From March to April, temperatures of as much as 40 levels will be really hot prior to the six-month stormy period begins. This does not imply, however, that it then only days of putting. Typically the rains is restricted to a shower in the mid-day. Some favor this time to travel, as the visitor hotspots are less crowded, as well as prices for resorts are sinking.

I myself was currently in the wet season in Cambodia (July/ August) as well as had just excellent weather except for a couple of shudders.

For how long should I take a trip?
There are lots of travelers who are really only concerning visit Angkor and are currently back on their aircraft or train the following day. This is a pity, due to the fact that they miss a lot.

Within a week, you could look at Angkor, the resources of Phnom Penh and also a seaside community. However, a prompt timetable is necessary.

Many backpackers come for ten to 14 days. Then you have time for 4 to 5 areas and also can after that later on instead claim to have seen something from the nation.

For the most vital highlights of Cambodia you should arrange 3 to four weeks.

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