How to Distribute Your Sheet Music

PDFs and Physical Novels.

As soon as your sheet songs is completed it is possible to submit it into a publishing firm to be printed, or market it yourself in digital or paper format. The significant sheet music firms such as Hal Leonard and Alfred will not be interested on your sheet music till you’ve sold countless CDs, however there are numerous sites which provide supply services for novels either in physical or digital form which are readily available for you musica online gratis.

When a site publishes a publication (PDF, eBook or bodily publication) it means that they place this up on their own site to be marketed. When a site provides a supply support, it usually means that they ship your publication to other businesses to be marketed in physical or digital format (that typically includes their own site too). Printing is every time a site site provides a service to print out several copies of your publication, to be subsequently marketed by you or any other firm (that might include the business that published the book in the first place).


It is a number that represents a speech and is accountable for the advantage of Distributors, Wholesalers, and Schools. Discounts are available if you purchase in bulk. If you’re selling your book at retail shops you’ll require an ISBN and a barcode. If you’re selling an eBook online, then the site you are going through will provide you with you. If you’re selling your book in your own site, then you’ll not need an ISBN.

PDF Publishing

Publishing your sheet music in PDF format can be found on a site named Musica Neo at which you can print, sell, purchase and download sheet music and performance permits. It is totally free to signup and there are no monthly charges. They take one-third (33.3 percent) of your earnings and you’ll be able to place your prices to anything you need, but they need to be at least 1. You’re paid instantly, however, your account balance needs to be at least 10 until you may make a withdrawal. Payments can be obtained directly to your bank accounts, a mailed check, or via PayPal. Musica Neo may restrict you to getting no more than $500 a month. Additionally, you may upload your songs since a Finale or Sibelius document and they’ll convert it to PDF for you.

Physical Novel Printing

You might also have your sheet music published and printed as a physical publication. Lulu and Book Baby offer publication printing, publishing, and distribution, and Lightning Source provides book printing. Prices will vary considerably based on the amount of webpages, the dimensions, while it’s in colour or black & white, paperback or hard cover, the kind of binding, etc.. Thus, check their sites for the alternatives which are available.

Physical Novel Distribution

Lulu provides a free physical publication distribution service named ExtendedReach which can get your book on Amazon and databases, and they’ll provide you with a free ISBN which belongs to them. Which means, you are only allowed to have that amount on your book on Lulu’s site or any site Lulu sends it to. If you would like your physical publication readily available to retail shops around the Earth, such as Barnes & Noble, then you need to select Lulu’s $75 GlobalReach distribution assistance, and it is going to need an ISBN and recorder. You may purchase your own for $150 on the Bowker Identifier Services site, or you may use a Lulu possessed ISBN at no cost. Lulu has “Mandatory Prerequisites for Distribution”, so be certain that you look at their instructions before you submit anything. You are able to do all of the different steps yourself to publish your publication, or you’ll be able to pay to get a Lulu Pre-Publishing service. Fundamentally, they will layout, format, edit, and print your book for you. Their most innovative agency “Laureate” is $4,729 and contains all mentioned in the past service and provides a Complete Copy Edit, 100 Paperbacks, and 25 Hardcovers. They also provide advertising packages for advertising your publication.

Publish and Print Yourself

Ultimately, there is the choice of merely binding and printing sheet music or bodily books yourself. Afterward selling them onto your own site in paper or electronic format. Binding machines generally run about $100, or you may just go into a copy shop and have them do it for you.

eBook Distribution

Publishing other types of novels, like a Band Biography or even a Tour Journal, as an eBook is something different you might consider. An Amazon Kindle is a normal device on which you may read eBooks. Novel Baby, operate by CD Baby, is a ebook electronic supply agency to file your eBooks to internet retailers such as iBookstore and Amazon, and Lulu is site that sells eBooks.

Novel Baby

Novel Baby presents digital supply to the next online shops: Apple iBookstore (such as iPad), Amazon (for example Kindle), Barnes & Noble (for example NOOK), and Reader Store (such as Sony Reader) to get a $99 installation fee per book plus $19 annually. A barcode having an ISBN is $19 additional, and is needed for internet distribution. They accept no commission, so you receive 100 percent of their royalties, following the online shops accept their share of approximately 30%. Novel Baby accepts entries from the following formats:. doc,. rtf,. Most text apps on Windows, Mac, or Linux is going to have the ability to store in one of these formats. They also convert your document to a digital book (ePub) at no cost, that’s the document format that your book needs to be converted into so as to be filed to internet stores. They’ve a complimentary eBook publishing manual on their site in PDF format which will help steer you through the procedure referred to as “The How-To Guide for Writers”.


Lulu provides publishing of ebooks on their site in PDF format. You may then produce an extremely simple cover layout, select from on of the pictures, or you could upload your own picture. It is possible to add text to a picture afterwards, which means you don’t need to get text on a picture you upload. They urge your picture size be approximately 612 x 792, plus they take these formats for pictures: PNG, JPG, or GIF. Then you’ll set whatever price you want your download to be and there’ll be a $1 bottom cost fee per publication and Lulu will require 20 percent of your earnings.

It is totally free to set up and they take 20 percent of your earnings after the internet digital shop takes approximately 30%. Lulu will provide you with a no cost ISBN, but it’s going belong to them and also you will not have the ability to use it out of your eBook supply. Should youn’t need to utilize their amount you may buy your own ISBN. They don’t call for a recorder for electronic distribution, but it does not imply that you can not have one on the market. Lulu requires that your entry be filed as a confirmed ePub file. Books over 250 pages will cost $199, novels over 500 pages will cost $299, and novels over 750 pages won’t be accepted. Or you may convert and validate it yourself using applications. Pages for Mac is a fantastic option since you are able to produce text files and then export them as an ePub. Adobe InDesign is just another, but can cost you 700. You’ll also have to confirm your ePub file when it’s been produced. You can do that by downloading the app epubcheck and then follow the directions on the threepress site. You are able to do all of the different steps yourself to publish your ebook, or you could cover Lulu to get a Pre-Publishing support. Their basic service is $629 and can be known as “Best Seller”, however you’ll also need to include their 99 “ePub Conversion Service”. It is going to have a cover layout, formatting, a review, bodily publication supply, and also a Lulu ISBN, in addition to the ePub conversion for an excess price.

You essentially have two options when it comes to publishing a novel. Each has their own advantage. Lulu provides services on whatever you will have to do in order to publish your publication, or you could hire a third party to perform it to you. Websites such as oDesk, Pro, and Elance will have tons of people prepared to assist you with your job.

The eBook and a physical publication will demand a front cover layout. Design focus getting and appropriate text and artwork, set the recorder at the bottom from the rear pay, 1.5″ wide x 1.0″ tall, 0.25″ in the borders, and leave space for copyright info. Copyrighting sheet music is deemed different in the audio CD recording and might need to be filed as another copyright entry if you would like to have an official copyright in the Library of Congress.

There are lots of possibilities for getting payments from sites that sell your songs. You may give your entire bank account info and have them directly deposit the cash to your accounts. You can have them email you a test. Or you may have them cover you through Pay Pal. PayPal is the online standard and many sites will only cover you via Pay Pal. To set up an account you want to pick which kind of Pay Pal accounts you need: “If you’re a company, select “Company”. If you’re an individual, select “Premier”. “Personal” is for men and women who just buy online. You’ll require the Premier accounts if you would like to sell things on the internet, along with having the ability to purchase and get payments. There aren’t any set-up fees to start. As soon as you’ve got an account they’ll want your bank account info. For confirmation they’ll send two small deposits into your bank accounts. As soon as you inform Pay Pal exactly what the numbers are of both of these small deposits, then you’ll be verified and ready to go. After you’ve got a Pay Pal account you may also begin selling things on your own site.

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Bowker: ISBN amount + Barcode $150
TextEdit: stalks FREE on almost any Mac
Gedit: stalks FREE on any Ubuntu Linux platform






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